It's that time of year of year again when we prepare for the rises in statutory rates but again many employers are facing large increases due to the cost of living crisis. Increases from 1st April are:  
Age 2023  
23 and over £10.42 
21 - 22 £10.18  
18 - 20 £7.49  
16 - 17 £5.28  
Apprentices £5.28  
Other Statutory payments have also increased: 
Statutory sick pay to £109.40 
Statutory family leave payments for maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental and parental bereavement leave increases to £172.48 a week. 
Statutory redundancy payments increase to £643 for each qualifying week 
Compensation award limits have also seen an increase. The maximum compensation award has increased to a six figure sum for the frst time and from 6th April 2023 is £105,707. Following a robust and fair process is not only morally and ethically right, it could cost you financially if you don't. Remember, there is no upper limit for discrimination payouts.  
Other things on the agenda are changes in flexible working and the waiting game until we hear which of the EU derived employment law will be retain in UK law at the end of the year.  
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